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Find a Unique, Individualized Blend of Western, Eastern, and Family Medicine to Help You Achieve Balance and Harmony in Health, Wellness, and Life at Yuko Family Medicine

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We Embrace and Provide Quality Care for Individuals and People of All Cultures, Ages, Genders, and Families - All Are Welcome Here at Yuko Family Medicine

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Dr. Yuko

Board Certified Family Physician (ABFM) and Primary Care Provider, Clinical Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Founder of Yuko Family Medicine

Meet Yuko McColgan, MD

Welcome to Yuko Family Medicine
in Brookline, MA

We are a unique primary care practice located in the heart of Brookline, Massachusetts. If you are looking to be cared for as a whole, physically and mentally, and approach your health and wellness proactively, you have come to the right place.

Western Medicine

Western Medicine is the medical system we use here in the United States in which medical doctors and healthcare professionals manage and treat symptoms, diseases, and illnesses using medications, lifestyle modifications, hands-on procedures, and surgery. While our goals is prevention of disease and illness at Yuko Family Medicine, we use Western Medicine when they do arise to help you restore and maintain your health.

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Eastern Medicine

Eastern Medicine is best defined as a broad range of medical practices that focuses on treating the mind and body, as well as disease, through natural remedies. Eastern Medicine dates back thousands of years. At Yuko Family Medicine, we incorporate Eastern Medicine with Western Medicine as appropriate and desired to help you heal and achieve balance and wellness. You can receive medical acupuncture and cupping from Dr. Yuko as part of your care.

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Family Medicine

Family Medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to treating the whole person, providing comprehensive care for patients of all genders and ages, and forming long-term, personal, patient-physician relationships. At Yuko Family Medicine, we are here to care for you, and, as needed, your whole family, from newborns to seniors. Our goal is to address your medical needs and your physical and mental health and wellness proactively.

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If symptoms, disease, or illness occur, we form a treatment plan for your individual needs to help restore you to health.

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Our goal is to help you prevent disease and illness through wellness screenings, regular check ups, and knowledge.

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We believe the key to helping you gain and maintain your health is through ongoing education and awareness.

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We care for you as a complete person, which means attending to your physical and mental needs, and focus on healing you as a whole.

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Excellence in

Whether delivering Western Medicine, Eastern Medicine, Family Medicine, or a blend, excellence and quality of care are of primary importance to us at Yuko Family Medicine. Our goal is to provide you and your family with the best care possible. Dr. Yuko has hospital privileges at some of top hospitals in the Boston area, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Needham, providing continuity of care. Further, Dr. Yuko contributes to the family medicine specialty teaching doctors in training as a clinical instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.  

Balance & Harmony
in Life

At Yuko Family Medicine, we care for you as a complete person, not just care for one aspect of your health. As such, we approach you and your health as a whole and care of your physical and mental health to help you find balance and harmony in your life.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Yuko online, please visit our ZocDoc.com account to check her availability. If you do not see an appointment time that is convenient for you, please call us: 617-566-9856.

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